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Our Story is not just about us.  

SMDG is a biotechnology company dedicated to delivering effective and safe therapies to save lives and improve health. 

We focus our Research and Development (R & D) efforts on designing and delivering first in class therapeutics, developed based on years of understanding disease processes and utilizing our disruptive and innovative proprietary technology and therapeutic  platforms for targeted delivery of therapeutics and diagnostic agents. Through our pre-clinical and discovery Programmes,  we are looking to change the way many diseases including neurological diseases are treated today.  Our accumulative decades of experience in drug delivery and better understanding of different diseases have been brought together in creating a company focused on improving life science processes and designing safe and effective therapies.


We engage in innovative health projects and partnerships around the globe focusing on improving health and finding safe and effective therapies for debilitating diseases.  


Organisations Funding and Supporting Us

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Our mission is to find cures.

Our vision is to deliver life changing therapies to patients suffering from debilitating diseases.

We do this by being undaunted by the impossible, empowered by the inquisitive and uncompromising in our approach to science and research.

We are focused on improving lives of patients and driven to find effective and safe therapies.

We are innovative, passionate about our research and believe in the power of partnerships.

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