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Pioneering and innovative Platform Technologies: Delivering Across Biological Barriers

SMDG utilizes platforms invented and developed by Professor Moein Moghimi to develop 21st century medicines.   The expansive library of First - In - Class Peptide Conjugate Nanosystems (PNC)    allow for rapid design and development of new therapies.

In addition, the platform allow for screening of new therapeutic complexes and design of more effective small molecules.  



Our promise is safe and disease modifying 

NanoLigand Carriers (NLC)


A new Era of Peptide Conjugate Delivery Systems:  NanoCarrier Ligands (NLC) are a new novel class of nanoparticles.  NLCs are unique self-assembled peptidic/particulate systems that target the blood-brain barrier as well as other biological barriers.  SMDG's innovative and patent-protected NLC technology could be used for targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents.  The NLC technology is based on "safe-by-design" and "simple-by-design" concepts that actively deliver therapeutic molecules to the target cells.  

NanoLigand Blocks (NLB)


NanoCarrier Ligands (NLB) are a new novel class of nanoparticles.  NLBs are unique self-assembled peptidic/particulate systems that target biological barriers. SMDG's innovative and patent-protected NLB could be used for targeted delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents.  The NLB is based on "safe-by-design" and "simple-by-design" concepts 

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SMDG utilizes its 21st century Platforms for Precision Medicine. The library of peptide conjugates allow targeted and receptor mediated therapeutic design and delivery.  In addition,  the platforms allow rapid screening and identification of new targets and design of new molecules. 

Simple and Safe Design

Based on the principles of simple and safe by design

Enabling Active Targeting

Precision Medicine:  Intelligent Targeting Technology

generating small molecules rapidly with unprecedented targeting capability 

Versatile Cargo Capability

Broad capability beyond the current industry State of the Art with precedented targeting ability for different types of tissues and delivery across biological barriers

Broad Therapeutic Applications

Broad application across neurodegenerative diseases, rare paediatric diseases, immune disorders and other indications.

Research Capabilities and Highlights

Expanded application
broadly to Neurological diseases and immune disorders

Complement and inflammation Platform, known identified receptors 

Extensive preclinical studies performed

Advanced Therapies

First-in-Class medicines

Nucleic Acid Delivery

          Other significant highlights and advantages of SMDG's R & D programs include simpler and faster manufacturing. 
Sustainable and green:  Much simpler manufacturing than the current industry delivery technology modalities, GMP compliant manufacturing technology and readily scalable.

How we do what we do

Therapeutic targets are studied, analysed and evaluated based on disease effectiveness. We have already performed pre-clinical testing and analysis of our therapeutic platforms and library of peptide conjugate systems (PNC)TM for delivering candidate therapeutic cargos/payloads.  

Delivery of Genetic Medicine: Therapeutic cargos/nucleic acids are designed and evaluated both in in-vitro and in-vivo. In addition, we collaborate with partners and perform both in-vitro and in-vivo pre-clinical studies on specific disease focused projects.  

We design dual and single therapies and also focus on neuroinflammation for several therapeutic modalities.  

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