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Our research papers, reviews and invited scientific blog on our drug delivery platform technology

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Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier with Nanoligand Drug Carriers Self-assembled from a Phage Display Peptide

In a paper published in Nature Communications (October 2019), we show hierarchial forms of a brain-specific phage-derived peptide (herein as NanoLigand Carriers, NLCs) target cerebral endothelial cells through transferrin receptor and the receptor for advanced glycation-end products, cross the blood-brain-barrier and reach neurons and microglial cells.

Nature Communication, October 2019


Drug Delivery to the Brain: Self-Assembled Phage Mimetics for Crossing the Blood-Brain-Barrier

We show that hierarchical forms of a phage display peptide efficiently target the brain and ferry nucleic acid medicines to neurons and microglia.

Nature Bioengineering Community, October 2019

Brain Scans

Phage Mimetic Self-Assemblies Deliver Nucleic Acids to the Brain

The Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) accounts for the failure of large number of promising neurotherapeutics including nucleic acid therapies.  We show that phage mimetic self assemblies Nanocarrier Ligands (NLCs) carry nucleic acid therapeutics to the brain effectively and safely.

The Nanomed Zone, February 2020

3D Scans

A Rally for Brain Targeting: The Advent of a New Era

An invited review by the founders of SMDG on brain targeting 

Journal of Therapeutic Delivery, June 2020

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