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July 2017

Dr. Moghimi has written an editorial and also co-edited an issue of Molecular Therapy (Volume 25, Issue 7, July 2017) on the topic of nanoparticle development for gene and cell therapies.

Molecular Therapy:   Volume 25,  Issue 7,  July 5, 2017 

Editorial: Nanoparticle Technology: Having Impact, but Needing Further Optimization

July 2017

Dr. Moghimi's paper published in Molecular Therapy (Volume 25, Issue 7, 1476-1490, July 2017).

Polyplex Evolution: Understanding Biology, Optimizing Performance


Arnaldur Hall,  , Ulrich Lächelt,   Jiri Bartek,  Ernst Wagner,  Seyed Moein Moghimi

April 2017

Dr. Moghimi and colleagues explain Geometry and Particle Hitch-Hiking in this ground-breaking work published in Nature Nanotechnology

Bypassing adverse injection reactions to nanoparticles through shape modification and attachment to erythrocytes

Peter Popp Wibroe, Aaron C. Anselmo,, Per H. Nilsson, Apoorva Sarode, Vivek Gupta, Rudolf Urbanics, Janos Szebeni,  Alan Christy Hunter, Samir Mitragotri, Tom Eirik Mollnes & Seyed Moein Moghimi

March 2017

Dr. Moghimi and Colleagues publish work on the role protein corona on complement activation in Nature Nanotechnology

Complement proteins bind to nanoparticle protein corona and undergo dynamic exchange in vivo

Fangfang Chen, Guankui Wang, James I. Griffin, Barbara Brenneman, Nirmal K. Banda, V. Michael Holers, Donald S. Backos, LinPing Wu, Seyed Moein Moghimi & Dmitri Simberg