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Through our Complement Assessment Studies, SMDG offers decades of experience in better understanding of inflammation and complement activation 

Inflammation is a hallmark of many diseases and the complement system is a multifunctional arm of the innate immune system contributing to non-specific host defence and maintaining homeostasis. Nanoparticles and nanopharmaceuticals  typically present architectures and surface patterns that trigger complement, where responses could dramatically affect biological and therapeutic performance of administered nanoparticles. If nanoparticles derail complement activation this might instigate inflammatory reactions. SMDG has extensive experience in complement activation studies with nanoparticles and not only we utlise this expertise in our studies, we also advise clients with complement activation studies as well as strategies to overcome complement activation by nanomedicines. We also offer state-of-the-art ELISA assays for monitoring complement activation by nanoparticles.


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