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Spring Buds

Spring 2024

I recently came across some alarming statistics. According to the 2022 US figures, only one percent of the approximately US$200 billion spent on healthcare research and development focuses on women’s health. As a result, half of the population is left behind the health innovation curve


June 2024


Winter 2024

The month of March has been an exciting time for us.  As the beginning of spring season is fast approaching, leaving memories of the grey winter days and morning frost, we wanted to share some of our recent news with you.


March 2024


November 2023

We have not been in touch for a few months but we have been busier than ever before. It has been through tireless work of our team as well as the support of many other people that this year has been an incredibly great year.


November 2023

Pink Flowers

June 2023

June is recognized as Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. This month of advocacy and education highlights again the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases on the lives of patients, family members, care givers and our communities and the importance of early diagnosis and finding safe and effective therapies


June 2023


March 2023

Working together has always been the way science has achieved incredible things. We believe in the power of partnerships and look forward to many new collaborations and partnerships this year.


March 2023

Autumn Leaves

Autumn 2021

Commitment to patients


November 2021


Spring 2021

Alzheimer's disease and asking the right questions


June 2021

Park in the Fall

Autumn 2020


At a time when every year, we look forward to the holiday season, the world is facing far more difficult and challenging weeks ahead.


November 2020

Forest Path

A note from our CEO

We hope this note finds you, your family and your loved ones well during these challenging times. Just a few months ago, life seemed to be proceeding normally, with working, traveling, and family, until the world suddenly changed.


August 2020

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