Disruptive and Innovative Technology

Innovative biotechnology platform to deliver medicines for Central Nervous System (CNS) Disorders.



Delivering Life saving therapies using a versatile and  innovative platforms 



Our extensive Research and Development (R & D) program includes several ongoing research projects and collaborations. 



In the Spotlight are new series of conversations with scientists and patient advocates.  Dr. Farhangrazi speaks with with Ms. Susan Howley



S. M. Discovery Group was created with the belief that precision medicine can help to better understand diseases and find more novel and innovative ways of finding safe and effective therapeutic applications.  Through extensive and years of experience, and working on understanding of nature of different diseases, we have designed an innovative technology platform. We have therefore, embarked on an ambitious path of designing better nanotherapeutics.  The science of nano-therapeutics is at the beginning stages of creating realistic, effective and safe ways of delivering therapeutics and we are at the forefront of this field.   

Gradient Ocean

Our mission is to find cures.

Our vision is to deliver life changing therapies to patients suffering from debilitating diseases.

We do this by being undaunted by the impossible, empowered by the inquisitive and uncompromising in our approach to science and research.

We focus on patients suffering from the most debilitating diseases.
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We focus  on "growing up healthy".
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We work with our partners on major medical challenges
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We focus on "healthy ageing" by delivering life changing therapies.
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We focus on delivering therapies and overcoming barriers
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We work persistently and diligently
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We work internationally because cures should not be just for a few.
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We focus on growing up healthy by delivering life changing therapies safely.
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We look for realistic and safe therapies.
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Inspired by Nature to Design Better Medicines   

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