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 Healthy Ageing and Growing-up Healthy. 

SMDG is developing safe, innovative and disease-modifying therapies for some of the most debilitating diseases our societies face today. SMDG's team has focused on neurodegenerative diseases and pediatric neurological disorders as the first diseases to tackle.  We do this by utilising our ground breaking and transformative platforms for targeted and safe delivery of therapies and genetic medicines and broad understanding of these diseases for designing first in-class therapeutics.  

Delivering 21st Century Medicines 

Delivering the next generation of nucleic acid therapies and other efficacious therapies require combining innovative and disruptive science and effective and safe platform technology.  Learn more about our science. Future starts here. 

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SMDG is a biotechnology company focusing on developing novel, safe and effective therapies for most debilitating diseases.  We are a team of scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in studying nature of different diseases and designing most innovative therapeutics. We have embarked on an ambitious path of designing better disease modifying and first in class therapies that are safe for patients and are good for the environment. The science of nanotherapeutics is at the beginning stages of creating realistic, effective and safe therapies and we are at the forefront of this field.  

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