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Through our Precision Platform and collaborative research services SMDG offers decades of experience in nanotherapeutics design, characterisation and delivery.  Contact us today to learn more about our customised Consulting Services 

We offer several different services including contract work to client companies. We provide an integrated approach to nanomaterials and nanomedicine/nanopharmaceutical performance-safety assessment determining structure-activity profiling and mechanistic aspects. Physicochemical characteristics of nanomedicines dramatically influence their pharmacological and safety profiles. The key issue in successful nanomedicine engineering, scaling-up and process manufacturing is controlling and keeping constant stability of physicochemical properties of the formulation on a batch-to-batch basis. This is one of the most challenging problems in nanopharmaceutical development.


Our "Precision Platform" testing is unique in helping clients.  We offer expert advice on all aspects of nanomedicine design and engineering, and provide an integrated tailor-made approach for pre-clinical characterisation of drug carriers and nanopharmaceuticals.


Our "Performance-Safety Assessment" is mechanistic, based on integrated systems and molecular biosciences approaches. The applied strategies depends on the nature and type of the nanopharmaceutical in question, its compositional elements and intended clinical applications. This is very different from the common and generic approaches that determine nanomaterial characterisation and performance (e.g., cytotoxicity, immune safety) on nonspecific basis thus conveying inappropriate, rudimentary and extrapolative conclusions during product development as well as in launching follow-on products or nano-similars.

These techniques and processes are based on decades of proven track records and experience which are now being presented and offered to our client companies.

Our "Precision Platform" testing is unique in helping academia and industry.  We look forward to assisting you.

"Precision and Integrated Characterization Platforms":  Integrated and multi-modal state-of-the-art characterisation tools (e.g., size, morphology, surface properties and determination of nanoparticle population heterogeneity). Our characterisation technologies and expertise is world renowned and recognised by laboratories and companies world-wide. 

 “Global Cell-Safety Assessment”: We offer sophisticated, customised and pan-integrated state-of-the-art medium throughput and live-cell microscopy platforms for assessing biomembrane integrity, metabolic fluxes, mitochondrial bioenergetics as well as cell-death modes. 

 “Safe-by-Immune” design and Profiling: Extensive experience in assessing nanomaterials behavior and interaction with the innate immune system through precision and validated integrative platforms. We provide an expanded global approach to nanomaterial-immune system interaction comprising complement activation profiling and its mechanistic aspects, opsonisation and macrophage uptake/processing, cytokine profiling as well as nanoengineering solutions to immunological hurdles.

 Facilitating nanomaterials optimisation and selection for biomedical applications: We have assisted a number of clients in creating better strategies for safer administration of nanotherapeutics.

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